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1974-1975 Airfield Construction by 65 Corps Support Squadron

© Arnd Wöbbeking, Roger Thorington, Airfied Höxter Brenkhausen 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Höxter-Brenkhausen airfield. At that time, I was able to help Mr. Horn to renew the memorial stone for the 65 Corps Support Squadron. This year in Hamelin, some of these squadron members met again to celebrate a …

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2015/08/15 – 65 CSS Memorial Stone at Hoexter Airfield

(c) Arnd Wöbbeking Hi all, today was the inauguration of the restored memorial stone for the 65 Corps Support Squadron at the airfield in Hoexter. It was very nice to see how much effort the people have made there to be a worthy anniversary! Was a honor to meet Sergeant Major Roger Thorrington, the leader of …

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1997 / 11 / 26 – 1997 / 12 / 03 – EXERCISE “CAMEL’S AID” – 65 Corps Support Squadron

© Arnd Wöbbeking   The next details of an exercise from 28 Engineer Regiment! Maybe, because the name called “CAMEL’S AID” , it was an Exercise of 65 Corps Support Squadron (65CSS). Don’t know exactly, so if someone remind this name, please contact me!

1975/08/14 – Hoexter Airfield construction by 65 Corps Support Squadron

Vor ein paar Wochen erhielt ich eine Anfrage von Herrn Horn bezüglich des Wappens der 65 Corps Support Squadron! Bis zu dem Tage wusste ich nicht das die 65 CSS im Jahr 1975 den Flugplatz in Höxter gebaut hat! Dort steht auch ein Erinnerungsstein, der an die Royal Engineers aus Hameln erinnert! Haute erhielt ich …

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© Charlie Simcoe 65 Corps Support Squadron  during the exercise “SATURN MOON” in the year 1983! Thanks to Charlie for this gallery! ++++ ++++

65 Corps Support Squadron WkSp REME – Wall Plaque

65 Corps Sp Sqn at Wouldham Hard

© Charlie Simcoe Charlie Simcoe hat ein schier unerschöpliches Bilderarchiv mit vielen seltenen Aufnahmen. Ich bin stolz das er sich an meiner Seite beteiligt, vielen Dank! — Charlie Simcoe has a large infinite image archive with many rare recordings. I am proud that he participated in my side, thank you! — —

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