2015/08/15 – 65 CSS Memorial Stone at Hoexter Airfield

(c) Arnd Wöbbeking

Hi all,

today was the inauguration of the restored memorial stone for the 65 Corps Support Squadron at the airfield in Hoexter. It was very nice to see how much effort the people have made there to be a worthy anniversary! Was a honor to meet Sergeant Major Roger Thorrington, the leader of the troop 40 years ago!

Full report after my holidays!

Cheers Arnd













The marker on the map is exactly the point where the stone stand now! Very close to the main entrance! So everyone is able to see who built up this airfield!

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    • david lee on November 12, 2015 at 9:46 pm
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    as an ex royal engineer plant operator I was just browsing the net and came across a name that took me back to 1961.In the article about Hoexter airfield the name of Roger Thorington was mentioned. sounds like the same person that I served with in the early sixties. We were both plant operators with 65corps field park sqdrn We both were part of a group that built air fields at Oerlinghausen 1961 both then being sappers our plant foreman was wo2 Bill Furness. Seems like Roger did well reaching the rank of Sergeant Major,I came out of the military in 1966 reaching l/cpl
    If it is possible for you to pass my email address to Roger, or just to say hi to him from me it would be good.He may not remember me but I remember him very well, still have some photographs of us at Oerlinghausen. The people at the flying club looked after us all really well I have lots of happy memories of our time there.
    Yours David Lee

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