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1979 / 03 / 26 – 1979 / 04 / 07 – Bridging the Weser – Exercise „RHINO EM”

© Steve Lewis 1979  Bridging the Weser – Exercise „RHINO EM” Some month ago I got some incredible photos from Henk Mulder, a dutch soldier who took part at in an Exercise with the name “Rhino EM”. Now, I got some additional photos from Steve Lewis. He was based in Hameln with 64 Amphibious Engineers …

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1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 AMPHIBIOUS ENGINEER REGIMENT – Formation – Memories by Bob Tyler

We write the 07.04.1971. The British army wrote history today in Hameln. Since the end of the war British units were stationed in Hameln. Including three infantry regiments, but most were soldiers of the Royal Engineers based here in Hameln. Hameln offered these pioneer units very good places  to practice their drills & skills so …

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1979 / 03 / 26 – 1979 / 04 / 07 – EXERCISE / OEFENING “RHINO EM”

© Henk Mulder March / April 1979 – 9800 men of the 1st (NL) Corps practiced under the name “RHINO EM” in Germany. Specially also in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont. And how could it be any different, the Amphibious Engineers of Hameln were also involved. They ferried the troops from Netherland save over the river …

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© Soldier Magazin – Text by Mike Starke – Photos by Martin Adam A blast from the past…… Exercise Swordfish took part in 1972 around Hameln, Holzminden, Hannoversch Münden! Found the issue of Soldier Magazin in my archive. Leading unit was the 12th Mechanized Brigade! But read the great article of the Soldier Magazine about the …

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1971 / 09 / 24 – 1971 / 10 / 02 – EXERCISE “FOREFRONT VI”

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Dewezet Forefront VI – a giant – exercise in October 1971! Planned were nearly 12,000 soldiers of the British, German and Danish army! Ultimately, it was then 20,000! Especially here in the district of Hamelin-Pyrmont raged the maneuver through the woods and fields! Also the newly, in Hameln founded 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, …

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1972/10/06 – 1972/10/20 – EXERCISE “SWORDFISH” – Newspaper Cuts by HNA

© Hessisch Allgemeine Zeitung A few weeks ago, I got some very great photos by Bill Crone. You will find out here: Swordfish by Bill Crone.  Bill wasn’t sure about the name of the exercise, but now I’m sure it was the Exercise Swordfish in 1972. I found some newspaper cuts of the HNA with some photos. …

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1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp – Memories of Ian Draper

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Ian Draper In 1984 the town of hamelin celebrated the 700th anniversary gf the Pied Piper legend. Of course the city were supported by the British Troops. So also from 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp .The Wksp organized in the town square an action with plenty of water! A soldier sat …

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1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 AMPHIBIOUS ENGINEER REGIMENT – Formation-Parade-Booklet

Einen weiteren Schatz habe ich von Peter Bailey hier erhalten! Es ist die Kopie des Programms zur Gründungsparade des 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment in den Bindon Barracks Hameln! Mittwoch, 07 Apr 1971 ++++ Another treasure I received from Peter Bailey! It is a copy of the program of the establishing parade of the 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment at Bindon Barracks, Hameln! Wednesday, …

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(c) Eckhard Uhde Only one photo of 35KE17, taken at River crossing point Grohnde in 1995. But not sure if that FODEN is from 28 REME. +++


(c) Arnd Wöbbeking Open Day 2004, I took two photos of 32KE15! Also Andreas Richter or Ralf Schulte took one of 32KE15


(c) Gert Burkert Opitz Dieses Photo konnte Gert Bunkert-Opitz 1995 während der Übung “NEPTUNES REVENGE 1995” machen. Danke dafür! +++ Thanks for the photo to Gert Burkert-Opitz! The photo was taken during Exercise “NEPTUNES REVENGE 1995” +++  


(c) Rainer Preuß Ein weiterer FODEN 6×6 RECOVERY im Dienst des 28 Engineer Regiments! Vielen Dank Rainer, das Du diesen sandgelben Riesen noch fotografieren konntest!  +++ Another FODEN 6×6 RECOVERY in the service of 28 Engineer Regiment! Thanks Rainer, that you’re able to took a photograph of these sand yellow giant! +++    


(c) Arnd Wöbbeking Dank einiger Freunde, die mir im Lauf der der Jahre viele Bilder haben zukommen lassen, kann ich hier einen weitere Foren zeigen, der im Dienst der Hamelner Einheiten stand! +++ During the last years I got from my friends a lot of photos! And also the permission to use the photos on …

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(c) Sebastian Kreutzkamp 34KE56 recovering display at Open Day 2006. Photos taken by Sebastian Kreutzkamp! Thanks for support! +++


(c) Eckhard Uhde 33KE60 during an exercise near my home village at Rivercrossing Point Grohnde. The photos are taken in 1995! Thanks Eckhard for support! +++

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