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1972-75 – BINDON BARRACKS – 64AmphEngrSqn – Memories of Bill Crone

© Bill Crone These days a photo album from UK arrived at my home. It was the album full packed with memories of Bill Crone. He was based here in Hamelin between 1972 and 1975. I have scanned and restored the photos and he allowed me to add them here to the webpage! I’m very …

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1974 – 44 Field Support Squadron RE – Squadronphoto

@ by the photographer   This Squadronphoto was taken  in Gordon Barracks Hameln. Sent in by Gerald Knowles. Thanks for support! 

1974/03/26 – 1988/04/29 – JWW AUGAR ERD – Verbindungsoffizier – SLO

© Arnd Wöbbeking Liste aller Verbindungsoffiziere / List of all SLO’s:

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