23 Amph Engr Sqn – Memories of Alan Todd – Pt.3

Und hier die letzte Galerie von Alan!

Here comes the last part from Alan!

Auf Übung mit der Bundeswehr!

On Exercise with German Army!



Gundolph Park


Scharnhorst Kaserne / Bindon Barracks



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    • Anthony on Oktober 29, 2015 at 10:12 am
    • Antworten

    Hello paddy , how’s life treating you, good i hope if you’ve no idea who this is ? Don’t panic i’m the other crewman on the other side of the camera plus i’ve got the same picture of us in the M2, plus a few others.Still no idea? Our other mates were robbo , brummi ,pete and dm ( danger mouse ) down hameln. All the best!!

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