1971-73 – 73 Amph Engr Sqn-7Tp – Memories of Peter Bailey

© Arnd Wöbbeking / all Photos send in by Peter Bailey

Memories of Peter Bailey

73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron – 7 Troop


Peter Bailey war zwischen 1971 – 1973 in Hameln!

Peter Bailey was in Hameln between 1971 to 1973!


Er war Troop Commander des 7 Troop in der 73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron! 

He was Troop Commander of 7Tp / 73 Amph Engr Sqn


An diese Namen und Commander erinnert sich noch / some names he remember


Regimental Headquarter
CO Lt Col John Goodson
2IC Major Mike Nottingham
Adjt Capt Suresh Khanna
QM Maj ‘Chalky’ White
23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron
OC Maj Chris LLoyd
2IC Capt Mike Fossey?
1Tp Capt David Saunders
2Tp Lt Mark Norbury
3Tp ?
64 Amphibiuos Engineer Squadron
OC Maj John Prosser
2IC Capt Alan Bearder
AO Capt Tim Evans
4Tp Capt Peter Mackie
5Tp Lt John Conroy
6Tp ?
73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron
OC Maj Clive Beckett
2IC Capt Bernard Campbell-Ellen
AO Capt Ricky Jarrett
7Tp Lt Peter Bailey
8Tp Lt Robby Alexander
9Tp Capt John Taylor


3228 Kopie-5.jpg

73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron

hey were 7tp SSgt and Section Sgts. L to R Clarey, Sugden and Knight-8.jpg

7tp SSgt and Section Sgts. L to R Clarey, Sugden and Knight

3230 Kopie-6.jpg

3235 Kopie-1.jpg

3275 kopie-2.jpg

3276 Kopie-3.jpg


3296 kopie-4.jpg

Peter Bailey, thanks for support!

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