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1973 – FLOATATION EXERCISE at OHR PARK – 12 (Nova) Scotia Field Squadron – Memories by Cliff Russel

© Arnd Wöbbeking © Photos by Cliff Russel The 12 (Nova Scotia) Field Squadron, was based in Hameln between 1992 and 1999 and attached to the 28 Amphibious Engineer and later to the 28 Engineer Regiment. But it was not the first time this Squadron had been around, because this Squadron also participated in various …

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1972-75 – BINDON BARRACKS – 64AmphEngrSqn – Memories of Bill Crone

© Bill Crone These days a photo album from UK arrived at my home. It was the album full packed with memories of Bill Crone. He was based here in Hamelin between 1972 and 1975. I have scanned and restored the photos and he allowed me to add them here to the webpage! I’m very …

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1971-73 – 73 Amph Engr Sqn-7Tp – Memories of Peter Bailey

© Arnd Wöbbeking / all Photos send in by Peter Bailey Memories of Peter Bailey 73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron – 7 Troop ++++ Peter Bailey war zwischen 1971 – 1973 in Hameln! Peter Bailey was in Hameln between 1971 to 1973! ++++ Er war Troop Commander des 7 Troop in der 73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron!  He …

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1973/05/23 – EXERCISE “MAKEFAST XXI” – First Day Cover

  RE Special Cover: 23 May 1973 Exercise Makefast XXI Commemorative Cover Stamps: 3ᵖ Machin definitive, ultramarine. Special Handstamp: Exercise Makefast XXI, Hameln, BFPS 1360, silhouette representing the German town of Hameln in the centre. Back of Envelope showing the Emblem of Hameln. Thanks for information to Darrell Drury from  

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