(c) Gert Burkert Opitz

Dieses Photo konnte Gert Bunkert-Opitz 1995 während der Übung “NEPTUNES REVENGE 1995” machen. Danke dafür!


Thanks for the photo to Gert Burkert-Opitz!

The photo was taken during Exercise “NEPTUNES REVENGE 1995”


Neptunes Revenge 1995 by GBO 00047 34KE77 Kopie  

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    • Mark Allsop (was Ward) on April 11, 2023 at 8:46 pm
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    I took over this truck (34KE77) in August 1990, it was plain green, in my last year there (1993), (28AER), I added the black, to give a more camouflage look, but in doing that, I purposely made a big “W” on the front in green, so those that knew would recognise me from a distance (W for Wardy, as was my nickname at the time)

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