1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment – RHQ-Troop at Bindon Barracks

© James J McGrane collection

This group photo I got from James McGrane! He is the man in the back row the 5th from right. This photo was taken by a member of 28 at Bindon Barracks in 1971! Very historic photo! Thanks for support!


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  1. I remember this photo. Some of the names I know & all of the faces I remember.
    Starting on the back row LtoR. 2nd John Kendal 4th Myself Pete Quigley 5th Paddy Daley 9th ??? Belamy.
    Middle row LtoR 1st Jock Watson 3rd ??? Lewellin ??? 4th Dave Atkinson.
    Front row LtoR 2nd ??? PT Corps ??? 6th Capt Pratt 10th Sgt McGeeki.
    I was posted to 28 1st June 1970 right at the start of the Regt & had lots of happy days while serving there.
    In later days I joined 64 Sqn & left the regt in 1975 when I was posted to Perham Down Tidworth.
    I left the army in 1976 for personal reasons but still say to this day that was the biggest mistake that I ever made & still look back on my days with the Royal Engineers as the best days of my life & I am now 72 years young.

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