02.11.1953 – 58 Ind Fd Sqn Royal Canadian Engineers leaving Hameln

(c) Arnd Wöbbeking & DEWEZET

Gestern am 02.11.1953, also vor 62 Jahren berichtete die DEWEZET über den Abzug der 58 Independent Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers!

Yesterday, 62 years ago the local newspaper reported about the leaving of 58 Independent Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers.


1953_11_02 DWZ Canadian Engineers.png1953_11_02 Kanadier werden versetzt.png

(Quelle Zeitungsartikel:  Mit freundl. Genehmigung © www.dewezet.de )


Über den Autor

Arnd Wöbbeking

Technischer Angesteller, Fotografie, EDV

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  1. peter watson

    I am one of a small team of amateur military history enthusiasts researching and recording the story of the British presence in Germany in the immediate post war period

    One of our projects is the very significant Canadian presence We have a fair amount of information from a variety of sources including an individual who was a Platoon Commander with one of the Canadian Infantry Battalions in Hannover

    I can therefore confirm that the Canadian 58 Field Squadron, 0art of 27 Canadian Infantry Brigade, was stationed in Hameln in the 1951-53 era.

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