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1967 – M2 Trials by 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron – Memories of Ritchie Smith

photos © Ritchie Smith text by Arnd Wöbbeking Some time ago I met a very wonderful person. Ritchie Smith his name, through and through a Royal Engineer. For 24 years he was in the service of his royal majesty. In September 1965 he started his army career in 23 Independet Amphibious Engineer Squadron, which was …

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1987 – Royal Engineers using M2 Amphibious Bridging

VHS Tape

1980 – 1982 – 23Amph Engr Sqn – 2nd Troop – M2 Rig At the Train Staion – 24BT94

This is the only picture I have of a M2 Rig on train! Thanks for that Steve Thompson!  

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