21 Field Park Squadron


Jan 1949

Did not have many informations about this squadron

 here in hameln,

but maybe someone know more about!

Feel free to contact me, please!

DatesLocationdeploymentunder command:Sub-units – Remarks
Jul 1948Germany: Iserlohn
Jan 1949Germany: Hameln23 Field Engineer Regiment
Jul 1950Germany: Napier Bks, Dortmund23 Field Engineer Regiment
1954Became an Independent Sqn, under local comd 23 RegtIndependent: local comd 23 Regt
May 195823 Regt disbanded
1958Amalgamated with 1254 and 1255 Sqns at Willich and
renamed 21 Workshop and Park Squadron
Jul 1958Germany: Kitchener Barracks, Willich40 Advanced Engineer Stores Regiment
Jan 1968Renamed 21 Park Squadron
1970Renamed 21 Army Support Squadron
Apr 1976
Aug 1976 or 1977
Northern Ireland
Oct 1977Independent40 Regt disbanded and Sqn took over role of Engr Support in BAOR
Oct 1981Disbanded
1982became 21 EBW

Special thanks to

Alan Young from British Army Units

who collected all these dates!

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