5 Field Squadron


Jan 1949 – Jun 1950


Did not have many informations about this squadron

 here in hameln,

but maybe someone know more about!

Feel free to contact me, please!

DatesLocationdeploymentunder command:Sub-units – Remarks
May 1947Dutch East Indies
Aug 1947Germany: Aldershot Barracks, Iserlohn2 Division
Jul 194823 Field Engineer RegimentCame under command 23 Field Engineer Regiment
Jan 1949Germany: Hameln23 Field Engineer Regiment
Jul 1950Germany: Napier Bks, Dortmund23 Field Engineer Regiment
May 1958Germany: Iserlohn4 Div Engineerssupport of 5 Inf Bde
Mar 1960Germany: Alanbrooke Barracks, Paderborn4 Div Engineerssupport of 5 Inf Bde
Jan 19644 Div EngineersSp to 20 Armd Bde
Apr 196926 Engineer Regiment4 Div Engineers renamed 26 Engineer Regiment
Nov 1970Germany: Corunna Barracks, Iserlohn26 Engineer Regiment
30 Apr 1971
05 Aug 1971
Northern Ireland Tour: Long Kesh 21 Engineer RegimentInfantry role
6 Mar 1973
6 Jul 1973
Northern Ireland Tour: Ballykelly
Long Kesh 
21 Engineer RegimentInfantry role
8 Jul 1974
8 Nov 1974
Northern Ireland Tour:
21 Engineer RegimentInfantry role
Jan 19783 Armd Div Engr Regiment26 Engineer Regiment renamed 3 Armd Div Engr Regiment
28 Mar 1979
26 Jul 1979
Northern Ireland Tour:
HMP Maze
3 Armd Div Engr RegimentInfantry role
198226 Engineer Regiment3 Armd Div Engr Regiment renamed 26 Engineer Regiment
Nov 1984
Mar 1985
Falkland Islands37 Engineer Regiment 
19911st Gulf War
29 Oct 1992
May 1993
Bosnia: OP GRAPPLE 1, 3 Tp attached 37 Fd Sqn
May 199322 Engineer RegimentTransferred to 22 Engineer Regiment
1994England: Swinton Bks, Perham DownJoined remainder of regiment
08 Sept 1995
20 Dec 1995
Bosnia: Gornji Vakuf  OP GRAPPLE 7
20 Dec 1995
15 Mar 1996
Bosnia: Gornji Vakuf 'OP RESOLUTE'
Dec 1997
May 1998
 Northern Ireland TourInfantry role
Mar 1999
Sept 1999
Bosnia22 Engineer Regiment
22 Engineer Regiment5 Armoured Engineer Squadron
c2007England: Swinton Bks, Perham Down22 Engineer Regiment

Special thanks to

Alan Young from British Army Units

who collected all these dates!

1961-1962 – 5th Fld Sqn – Bridgebuilding at Ohr Park – Memories of Hank Lawrence

© Hank Lawrence This Squadron was stationed in Hameln under the command of the 23 Field Engineer Regiment in the years 1949-1950. Hank Lawrence was some time later with this unit. The 5th Field Squadron RE remained faithful to Hameln. After the transfer to Napier Barracks Dortmund, they always came back to their bridgecamps in …

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