28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment



1970 – 1992




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DatesLocationSub-units – Remarks
28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment
Apr 1970Germany: Bindon Barracks, HamelnFormed: based on 23 Amph Eng Sqn.
23 Amph Eng Sqn
Aug 197064 Amph Eng Sqn formed23 & 64 Amph Eng Sqns
Jan 197173 Amph Eng Sqn formed.23, 64 & 73 Amph Eng Sqns
Jul-Dec 197364 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: East Belfast25 Engineer Regiment as Infantry role
08 Jun - 8 Nov 197473 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: Londonderry26 Engineer Regiment as Infantry role
09 Mar – 30 Jun 197673 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: Londonderry32 Engineer Regiment as Infantry role
197673 Amph Eng Sqn became 73 Indep Fd Sqn and moved to Osnabrück
and came under command 5 Field Force.
23 & 64 Amph Eng Sqns
24 Feb 1977 - 23 Jun 197764 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: Ballykelly
25 Oct 1978 - 22 Feb 197923 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: Ballykelly
Mar 1979HQ Sqn formed
Apr 1979HQ Sqn became 71 Amph Eng Sqn (HQ and Trg)23 & 64 Amph Eng Sqns,
71 Amph Eng Sqn (HQ and Trg)
27 Mar 1980 – 14 Jul 198064 Amph Eng Sqn: Northern Ireland Tour: Lurgan / HMP Maze
198471 Amph Eng Sqn renamed 71 Amph Eng Sp Sqn
Mar 1991 – Oct 199123 Armd Eng Sqn Northern Ireland Tour:
1992Regiment renamed 28 Engineer Regiment



1979 / 03 / 26 – 1979 / 04 / 07 – Bridging the Weser – Exercise „RHINO EM”

© Steve Lewis 1979  Bridging the Weser – Exercise „RHINO EM” Some month ago I got some incredible photos from Henk Mulder, a dutch soldier who took part at in an Exercise with the name “Rhino EM”. Now, I got some additional photos from Steve Lewis. He was based in Hameln with 64 Amphibious Engineers …

1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 AMPHIBIOUS ENGINEER REGIMENT – Formation – Memories by Bob Tyler

We write the 07.04.1971. The British army wrote history today in Hameln. Since the end of the war British units were stationed in Hameln. Including three infantry regiments, but most were soldiers of the Royal Engineers based here in Hameln. Hameln offered these pioneer units very good places  to practice their drills & skills so …

1982 / 03 / 26 – We will remember Sapper “Rosie” Rose

© Dewezet & Arnd Wöbbeking Among other things, the tasks of the Royal Engineers from Hameln consisted of blowing up explosives. In war time, they had to destroy the Weser bridges to prevent a fast move of the Warsaw Pact troops. In many exercises this was part of the scenarios. But also on Squadron level …

1979 / 03 / 26 – 1979 / 04 / 07 – EXERCISE / OEFENING “RHINO EM”

© Henk Mulder March / April 1979 – 9800 men of the 1st (NL) Corps practiced under the name “RHINO EM” in Germany. Specially also in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont. And how could it be any different, the Amphibious Engineers of Hameln were also involved. They ferried the troops from Netherland save over the river …


© Soldier Magazin – Text by Mike Starke – Photos by Martin Adam A blast from the past…… Exercise Swordfish took part in 1972 around Hameln, Holzminden, Hannoversch Münden! Found the issue of Soldier Magazin in my archive. Leading unit was the 12th Mechanized Brigade! But read the great article of the Soldier Magazine about the …

1971 / 09 / 24 – 1971 / 10 / 02 – EXERCISE “FOREFRONT VI”

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Dewezet Forefront VI – a giant – exercise in October 1971! Planned were nearly 12,000 soldiers of the British, German and Danish army! Ultimately, it was then 20,000! Especially here in the district of Hamelin-Pyrmont raged the maneuver through the woods and fields! Also the newly, in Hameln founded 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, …

1972/10/06 – 1972/10/20 – EXERCISE “SWORDFISH” – Newspaper Cuts by HNA

© Hessisch Allgemeine Zeitung A few weeks ago, I got some very great photos by Bill Crone. You will find out here: Swordfish by Bill Crone.  Bill wasn’t sure about the name of the exercise, but now I’m sure it was the Exercise Swordfish in 1972. I found some newspaper cuts of the HNA with some photos. …

1972/10/06 – 1972/10/20 – EXERCISE “SWORDFISH” – 64 Amph Engr Sqn – Memories of Bill Crone

© Bill Crone As promised, here are a really stunning photo series of Bill Crone! All scannend and restored. The photos showing the Exercise Swordfish in 1972. +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ …

1972-75 – BINDON BARRACKS – 64AmphEngrSqn – Memories of Bill Crone

© Bill Crone These days a photo album from UK arrived at my home. It was the album full packed with memories of Bill Crone. He was based here in Hamelin between 1972 and 1975. I have scanned and restored the photos and he allowed me to add them here to the webpage! I’m very …

1991 – EXERCISE IN BERLIN – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn

© Berlin Bulletin – Privat Collection of Jörg Zindler, Berlin-Spandau Some weeks ago I got of the private archive of Jörg Zindler, Berlin Spandau the Berlin Bulletin issue 27. The number was published on 12th July 1991 and reported about an exercise in Berlin! If the informations are correct, it was the very first exercise of amphibious troops from …

1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 AMPHIBIOUS ENGINEER REGIMENT – Formation-Parade-Booklet

Einen weiteren Schatz habe ich von Peter Bailey hier erhalten! Es ist die Kopie des Programms zur Gründungsparade des 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment in den Bindon Barracks Hameln! Mittwoch, 07 Apr 1971 ++++ Another treasure I received from Peter Bailey! It is a copy of the program of the establishing parade of the 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment at Bindon Barracks, Hameln! Wednesday, …

1971 / 04 / 07 – 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment – RHQ-Troop at Bindon Barracks

© James J McGrane collection This group photo I got from James McGrane! He is the man in the back row the 5th from right. This photo was taken by a member of 28 at Bindon Barracks in 1971! Very historic photo! Thanks for support!

1989 – 1994 – 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron – Memories of David Ewing Pt.2

Drei weitere Photos von David Ewing! Das erste zeigt ihn selber, Three more photos by David Ewing! The first one shows himself,  das zweite zeigt ein Mannschaftszelt des 23 Amphibious Engineers Regiments aufgenommen bei einem Manöver in Speyer! the second is a team tent of 23 Amphibious Engineer Regiment taken at Speyer! Das letzte Foto …

1989 – 1994 – 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron – Memories of David Ewing Trials at Ohr Park

© David Ewing Beeindruckende Fotos vom Ohr Park. Zu beachten dabei ist ein Chieftain auf M3 Fähren! Aufgrund eines anderen Photo welches ich von David erhalten habe, gehe ich davon aus das die M3 Fähren, die gerade den Chieftain Kampfpanzer übersetzen, Prototypen sind! David war von 1989 bis 1994 in der 23 Amphibious Squadron! U.a. als Fahrer …

Memories of Glen Goodfellow

© Glen Goodfellow

Memories of Glen Goodfellow – Photos

© Glen Goodfellow Some photos fo Glen during his time in Hameln!

Memories of Glen Goodfellow – Certificates

© Glen Goodfellow Glen hat mir seine Zertifikate gesendet, die er während seiner Dienstzeit erhalten hat beim 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment! Vielen Dank dafür, Glen! — Glen has sent me his certificates, he has received during his service at 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment! Thanks for support, Glen! —

RSM’s 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment

© Arnd Wöbbeking Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major) The most senior soldier rank in the British Army, typically reached after 18 years of outstanding service. WO1s are the senior advisors of their unit’s Commanding Officer, with leadership, discipline and welfare responsibilities of up to 650 officers and soldiers and equipment. ++++

1971 / 04 / 07 – Formation Day 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment – First Day Cover

7 April 1971 Formation Day 7 April 1971 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment First Day Cover Stamps: 2ᵖ Machin definitive, green. Special Handstamp: Formation 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment BFPS 1143, Sketch of Hameln Town with the Pied Piper in the centre Thanks for information to Darrell Drury from http://www.refdc.co.uk/    

28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment – Wimpel


28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment – Etched Plate


1997 / 12 / 03 – Partnership 97 – 20th anniversary 28 Engineer Regiment and sPioBtl.130

© Arnd Wöbbeking and Eckhard Uhde In 1977, a partnership was launched to improve the level of education and quality of training at the M2 vehicles of the amphibious troop. It involved the 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment RE from Hameln and the heavy Pioneer Battalion 130 of the Bundeswehr from Minden. During the maneuver Neptunes Trident …

1983/09/10 – Open Day at Wouldham

Open Day in 1983! Unfortunately, I got only the cover page! But thanks to Pete Mason for the Cover. The content is no available. Should yet the whole issue have someone I would be happy about a scan or copy! – Tag der offenen Tür am 10.09.1983 Leider habe ich hier nur das Deckblatt bekommen! Der Inhalt …

1977/06/03 – Freedom of the Town – First Day Cover

  3 June 1977 Corps of Royal Engineers Freedom of the Town of Hameln Commemorative Cover Stamps: 8½ᵖ “Silver Jubilee” commemorative, issued 11 May 1977. Special Handstamp: Freedom of the Town of Hameln, The Corps of RE, RE Cypher, BSPF 3677. Variation: Misprint: The Bandsman’s Coat should be red not black. The trousers , Flag and …

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