What was going on in 2011 / Was geschah im Jahr 2011


Was passierte im Jahr 2011 in Hameln? +++ What happened in the year 2011?


2011/11/18 – Last round through Bailey Park as it was in active service

© Arnd Wöbbeking On 18.11.2011 I had the opportunity to go through the Bailey Park for last time, when he was still active. However, he was quite empty at the time in contrast to earlier times, only a few vehicles and construction machines of ALC could be seen. +++ Am 18.11.2011 hatte ich die Gelegenheit …

2011/10/25 – EXERCISE “NEPTUNES EAGLE” – 28 Engineer Regiment on exercise with Germans

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2011/10/13 – EXERCISE “NEPTUNES EAGLE” – 28 Engineer Regiment on the train

© Marc I’m really happy to have these photos on my page. All were taken by Marc. They are showing the 28 Engineer Regiment on the way to the Exercise Neptunes Eagle at the Train station in Hameln. +++ Auch diesen hervorragend Galerie habe ich meinem Freund Marc zu verdanken! Das 28 Engineer Regiment verlegt per Bahn in …

2011/10/13 – 2011/10/28 – EXERCISE “NEPTUNES EAGLE” – Facts


2011/10/11 – Polynesian celebration for 28 Engineer Regiment in Germany

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2011/06/23 – M3 Training at Wouldham Camp

© Arnd Wöbbeking On 23/06/2011 I went through Hameln and saw a M3 ferry on the grounds Wouldham went! I had my camera and went on my way to the other side of the Weser! For there I had determined a better look at the training ground! I were joined by my good friend Thomas Lendorf, it should have been the last time, where …

2001/10/01 – 2014/12/31 IR GRANT – Verbindungsoffizier – SLO

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