71 Amphibious Engineer Squadron / 71 AMPHIBIOUS ENGINEER SUPPORT SQUADRON


(HQ and Trg)

1979 – 1984



1984 – 1993



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DatesLocationdeploymentunder command:Sub-units – Remarks
Apr 1979Bindon Barracks,
28 Amphibious
Engineer Regiment
HQ Sqn became 71 Amph Eng Sqn (HQ and Trg)
1984Bindon Barracks,
28 Amphibious
Engineer Regiment
Renamed 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron
1992Bindon Barracks,
28 Engineer Regiment
1993Bindon Barracks,
28 Engineer RegimentDisbanded

Special thanks to

Alan Young from British Army Units

who collected all these dates!


1997 / 12 / 03 – Partnership 97 – 20th anniversary 28 Engineer Regiment and sPioBtl.130

© Arnd Wöbbeking and Eckhard Uhde In 1977, a partnership was launched to improve the level of education and quality of training at the M2 vehicles of the amphibious troop. It involved the 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment RE from Hameln and the heavy Pioneer Battalion 130 of the Bundeswehr from Minden. During the maneuver Neptunes Trident …

1991 – EXERCISE IN BERLIN – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn

© Berlin Bulletin – Privat Collection of Jörg Zindler, Berlin-Spandau Some weeks ago I got of the private archive of Jörg Zindler, Berlin Spandau the Berlin Bulletin issue 27. The number was published on 12th July 1991 and reported about an exercise in Berlin! If the informations are correct, it was the very first exercise of amphibious troops from …

1990/09/21 – A memorable visit……

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Karl-Heinz Wunderlich Die Soldaten der in Hameln stationierten Einheiten mussten nicht nur Ihren Dienst absolvieren. Einige Freizeitprogramme standen auch auf dem Plan. So auch der Besuch der 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron am 21.09.1990 in der Einbecker Brauerei! Karl-Heinz Wunderlich machte mich darauf aufmerksam und sendete mir ein Foto der Erinnerungstafel die …

1984/09/10 – 1984/09/28 – EXERCISE “LIONHEART” – Real Recovery Operation – Memories of Derek Mitchell

© Derek Mitchell   Exercise Lionheart 1984 – Real Recovery Operation. During Exercise Lionheart in 1984 an Army fuel tanker full of diesel was parked at Upnor when the RCT driver apparently did not put his handbrake on securely when he went for his food.  It was at night and he did not notice his …

1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn

© Derek Mitchell, Glen Goodfellow In 1984 the town of Hameln celebrated the 700th anniversary of the Pied Piper legend, while I was OC 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn, part of 28 Regt. The town invited Hameln sports clubs, local towns and villages and associated organisations and us to play a part in the celebrations by …

1982/06 – 1985/12 – 71 Amphibious Engineer Support Squadron – Memories of Dean Grice

© Dean Grice

1982 – 64 & 71 Amph Engr Sqn Exercise between Hagen-und Kirchohsen

© Arnd Wöbbeking © all photos by Graeme Smith Der “Kalte Krieg” war auch in Emmerthal! Vor einiger Zeit habe ich Graeme Smith kennengelert, Er war von Februar 1982 bis Juli 1983 bei der 64 Amphibious Engineer Squadron des 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiments in Hameln stationiert! Danach wurde er abkommandiert, kam aber 1986 wieder zurück. …

1982 – 1985 – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn – Challenger 1 Test at Upnor – Memories of Dean Grice

(c) Dean Grice Testing the M2B on Upnor with Challenger 1! These photos are from Dean Grice! He served with 42 FLD SQN between Feb 1978 and September 1979 and between June 1982 – Dezember 1985 he served with 71 AMPH ENGR SP SQN! Thanks a lot for these historical photos Dean! +++ +++

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