Der Troop war direkt dem Hauptquartier unterstellt und übernahm die Unterstützung des

BE- und entladen der LKW vom 26 Royal Corps of Transport!

Der Troop bestand aus 16 Mann mit folgenden Rängen:

1 Offizier, Lt oder Captain in der Regel war das ein Ex Senior NCO!

1 Feldwebel,

1 Cpl

2 L/CPL von den Royal Engineers

1 REME Cpl.

1 ACC,

3 RASC / RCT-Fahrer

1 Schreiber

1 Schlosser

1 Mechaniker RE

3 Kranführer


Der Fahrzeugpark bestand aus:

1 Land Rover

1 4-ton LKW

1 Motorrad

3 Kräne


Alle diese Informationen habe ich von Roger Makin bekommen, der selbst bei diesem Troop gewesen ist!

Vielen Dank dafür!


was attached to the HQ of the regiment and supplied the crane support for the bridge columns.

The troop was a We a 16 men unit of following ranks:

1 Officer of Lt or Capt rank, usually an ex senior NCO.

1 Sergeant

1 Cpl

2 L/Cpl. of the Royal Engineers

1 REME Cpl.

1 ACC cook,

3 RASC/ RCT drivers

1 clerk

1 Sheet metal worker

1 Fitter RE

3 crane operators


The vehicle park contained:

1 Land Rover

1 4-Ton Truck

1 Motorbike

3 Cranes


All information from Roger Makin!

Thanks for support Roger!





Aerial configuration of Bindon Barracks from Jerry Lyden

(c) Jerry Lyden / Arnd Wöbbeking Jerry Lyden war in Hameln beim 26 Royal Corps of Transport! Aus seiner Erinnerung heraus schrieb er mir eine Skizze, welches Gebäude der Bindon Barracks (Scharnhorst Kaserne), welche Verwendung hatte zu seiner Zeit hier in Hameln!  ++++ Jerry Lyden was in Hameln with the 26 RCT! From his memory …

1967-70 – “THE BEAST” of 408 (Bridge) Troop RE…….

© Arnd Wöbbeking “THE BEAST” ++++ Hameln war und ist bekannt bei den Britischen Streitkräften als ein außergewöhnlicher und einzigartiger Standort. Nicht nur wegen der Menschen die hier leben auch wegen dem besonderen Flair der Stadt. Genauso außergewöhnlich und urig waren die Fahrzeuge der britischen Streitkräfte. Sie sahen schon immer anders aus, machten ganz andere …

1965 – 1966 – 408 Bridge Tp – 40 Sqn RCT – Berlin Visit – Memories of Graham Walker

© Graham Walker Great photo series of Graham’s memories during his time in Hameln! A visit in Berlin! Thanks for sharing Graham!  

1962 – 1972 – 408 Bridge Troop RE – Memories of Roger Makin

© Roger Makin I was a crane Op but I was also a plant (construction equipment) Mechanic. I did my fist crane operating course at 408 in November 1962 when I was with 65 SQN based in Osnabrück. I came to Hameln in March 63 for the bridge season and was attached to 408 until about June, when a troop from …

1965 – 1966 – 408 Bridge Tp – 40 Sqn RCT – Wouldham Camp – Memories of Graham Walker

© Graham Walker Another great series of Graham Walker during his time in Hameln! Here you see Wouldham Camp at Ohrsche Landstraße! Thanks to you Graham! This photo is not clear yet where it is! Tha last photo here is Upnor Camp at Fischbecker Landstraße!

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    • Bill Roberts on Januar 31, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    I was lucky enough to serve in 408 Troop from Feb 1966 until troop disbanded in 1972 and posted to 62 (Near East) Support Sqn Cyprus, and possibly the longest serving member of 408 Bridge Troop.
    Not only was I the operator of the Beast but also remember with fondness the Coles Mk’s 2, 3, 4 & 5 across four full bridge seasons. A couple of memorable events were the trip to Berlin in a Mk5 and the Russians at the border crossing questioning if it was a crane of launcher vehicle. Hush Hush Crane job is Bielefeld HQ 1 (BR) Corps to lift a mock-up of what was to be the future CET ( Combat Engineer Tractor) complete with wooden bucket and recovery anchor, the guys from MEXE said it was designed to float, not surprised says I as it’s made of wood !!!
    Another adventure was as the Crane Operator attached to 1 Field Sqn Nienburg to carry out the BAOR field user trials on the MGB. The bridging equipment arrived fresh from trials in the USA and was in completion with two other proposed new bridge types, from memory one German and one Swiss bridge. The MGB won hands down and was ultimately adopted by the British Army and this along with the expansion of the Amphibious Engineers in Hameln meant the writing was on the wall as far as the Crane Operators and 408 (Bridge) Troop were concerned.

    1. Brilliant Memories Bill! Thanks, mate!

    • NickWestwood on November 18, 2014 at 11:19 am

    remeber Ian Bran,d Danny Fisher, Lorrie Lawrence, Jim Masson, Derek Vose, we would come for the season from 44 in Paderborn

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