What was going on in 1984 / Was geschah im Jahr 1984


Was passierte im Jahr 1984 in Hameln? +++ What happened in the year 1984?


1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn

© Derek Mitchell, Glen Goodfellow In 1984 the town of Hameln celebrated the 700th anniversary of the Pied Piper legend, while I was OC 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn, part of 28 Regt. The town invited Hameln sports clubs, local towns and villages and associated organisations and us to play a part in the celebrations by …

1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp – Memories of Ian Draper

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Ian Draper In 1984 the town of hamelin celebrated the 700th anniversary gf the Pied Piper legend. Of course the city were supported by the British Troops. So also from 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp .The Wksp organized in the town square an action with plenty of water! A soldier sat …

1984/09/10 – 1984/09/28 – EXERCISE „LIONHEART“ – Real Recovery Operation – Memories of Derek Mitchell

© Derek Mitchell   Exercise Lionheart 1984 – Real Recovery Operation. During Exercise Lionheart in 1984 an Army fuel tanker full of diesel was parked at Upnor when the RCT driver apparently did not put his handbrake on securely when he went for his food.  It was at night and he did not notice his …

1984/09/10 – 1984/09/28 – EXERCISE „LIONHEART“ – Memories of Charlie Simcoe

1986 / 02 / 18 – EXERCISE „HARD FIST“ at Ohr Park

© Ian „Smokey“ Burns Diese Bilder darf ich mit Erlaubnis von Ian (Smokey) Burns hier zeigen! Vielen Dank dafür!   These photos are from Ian (Smokey) Burns! Many thanks for these wonderful photos from Ohr Park! — — — and from his 2nd Tour he sent me this Photo from Upnor Camp Hameln:    

1982 – 1985 – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn – Challenger 1 Test at Upnor – Memories of Dean Grice

(c) Dean Grice Testing the M2B on Upnor with Challenger 1! These photos are from Dean Grice! He served with 42 FLD SQN between Feb 1978 and September 1979 and between June 1982 – Dezember 1985 he served with 71 AMPH ENGR SP SQN! Thanks a lot for these historical photos Dean! +++ +++

1974/03/26 – 1988/04/29 – JWW AUGAR ERD – Verbindungsoffizier – SLO

© Arnd Wöbbeking Liste aller Verbindungsoffiziere / List of all SLO’s:

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