What was going on in 1948 / Was geschah im Jahr 1948


Was passierte im Jahr 1948 in Hameln? +++ What happened in the year 1948?



© Arnd Wöbbeking How difficult it is to get data about a military government that arose shortly after one of the worst wars of mankind, I need not mention separately. For a long time I was looking for the names of the commanders of the British Garrison Hameln to close this historical gap on my website. …

1947/48 – Hameln Garrison Rugby-Union Football Team

© Sapper Magazin Rugby und Football waren und sind bis heute die beliebtesten Sportarten der englischen Truppen. Am Freitag lernte ich auf einer Feier der Royal British Legion in Hameln John Lonsdale kennen. Er überreichte mir einen Artikel des Sapper Magazins aus dem Jahre 1948!!!! Sein Vater war seinerzeit im Hameln Garrison Rugby-Union Football Team. Und das …

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  1. Hi Peter,
    that is in itself very interesting information for me, thank you very much! And I’m very interested in cooperation!
    Thank you for your entry!
    Best regards Arnd

    • peter watson on Januar 28, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Liebe Herr Woebbeking

    I am a member of a small group of amateur military history enthusiasts researching and recording the history of the British Army in Germany in the early post war years from May 1945 onwards. One of the team, a former British serviceman, now lives in the Minden area, and found your website

    I have been involved with the project for almost ten years now

    If you are interested I would be very happy to share information.

    I have
    a. More details on the Sapper Parachute Field Squadron which first arrived in Hameln in Summer 1948 and left for England in September 1949.
    b. Details of the Canadian 58 Field Squadron (my source is an individual who was posted to one of the Canadian Infantry Battalions in Hannover).

    I also have brief details of
    a The British Military Troop Train system which operated throughout BAOR from 1946 till the late 1950’s.I suspect that few of your contributors are aware that Hameln was served several times a week by The Green Train travelling to and from the Hook of Holland and starting/terminating in Hannover.
    b. The original BAOR military Postal System introduced in early 1947. Hameln may have been served from Hannover in the early years as BAOR 5 but in later years definitely was a stand alone BAOR 26. The BAOR system ended in the mid 1950s with the introduction of the worldwide BFPO System familiar to your contributors..

    Mit freundliche grusse und alle gute wunsche

    Peter Watson

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