1962 – 1972 – 408 Bridge Troop RE – Memories of Roger Makin

© Roger Makin

I was a crane Op but I was also a plant (construction equipment) Mechanic. I did my fist crane operating course at 408 in November 1962 when I was with 65 SQN based in Osnabrück. I came to Hameln in March 63 for the bridge season and was attached to 408 until about June, when a troop from 65 move into the Ravelin camp. It was  while we were there that an accident took place at Wouldham Hard, SPR Ginger Maclean fell off a bulldozer and was run over by it. I was there until the end of August when i went on detachment to Op Crown in Thailand. Returned to Osnabruck in September 64 and moved to Hameln with 65 CFPS that year. Went to ADEN in April 65 for 2 years and was posted to 408 in July 67 and stayed with them until I was promoted to Cpl in November 70 and carried my  bed across the barracks to 28 Amph workshops. I was with them in Bindon until Feb72 . That was my last posting in BAOR. I left the army in Dec 77 when i was made redundant .

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    • Eric riches on Mai 18, 2021 at 7:49 pm
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    Hi Arnd,I am really confused with some of the things I read.I was the longest serving sapper in 408 troop in the 60’s.I served 5years in 408 and I do not remember any of the men mentioned in the posts.I still have my service record which show where I served.I did 6years in the army and 5 of those years was in 408.I did send you some photos that show Bindon,I just do not recall any of the guys who are shown on the website.

    • david lee on Oktober 26, 2014 at 6:52 pm
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    Have seen Rogers name a number of times when I have been flitting around on the laptop. Could not remember him at 65cfps, have just seen his photograph on this site, still do not recollect him at all.
    I was with 65 from 1961 to 66, as a plant operator. Roger mentioned Ginge Maclean, whom I remember very well, and the accident as though it had happened yesterday. Even met Ginge;s parents and went to the funeral, I think that was in Hannover.
    I can remember quite a few names from Plant Troop, but the only crane op name I can remember was an Irish lad Paddy Boyl.
    Two Troop Captains name I bring to mind, one was ‘ Rooke’ and the other was. ‘ Peter Plant’
    If you would like to pass this on to Roger , and if he has the urge to contact me, we can maybe jog each others memory

    Cheers, Dave Lee..

    • Ian Brand on Januar 30, 2014 at 2:30 am
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    Hi there ,

    I was stationed withe Roger Makin at Bindon barracks in the 1960s. I moved from 23 Amph Eng Sqn. I was the troop welder and our OC was Captain Johns. I remember Jim Masson also a crane op. We got the rough terrain crane to play with as well.As for me I work in the oil industry and and am at the moment offshore St Johns in Canada ( at 67 years old )

    Could you contact Roger for me and give him my email address,

    Cheers ,

    Ian Brand

    1. Hey Ian, sent him your email and add ask you for friendship at facebook. cheers arnd

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