1982 Freedom of the Town

Photos by Petra Sabine Tabaczynska

Lieben Dank für diese historischen Bilder Petra!





Aufgenommen wurden die Bilder an dieser Kreuzung in Hameln:

The photos were taken at this crossing:

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    • Gary Thomas on Dezember 5, 2019 at 3:01 pm
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    I can remember taking part in this Freedom of the Town march. I was Troop Commander 1 Troop, 29 Field Squadron.

    I specifically remember that we were marching for quite some time. As an officer I was carrying a sword which is not too heavy to start off but as time goes on holding the sword in the correct position gets quite hard. Just behind me my Troop Staff Sergeant reminded me from time to time to ‘change arms’ for the Troop so that they could switch the arm they were carrying their SLR on. Sadly not an option when carrying a sword.

    Strange, it was a very proud day for the Corps and we were all incredibly smart marching through Hameln yet all I can remember is that bl**dy sword getting heavier and heavier!

    1. Thanks Gary for your comment! Love to read that the report bring back some memories!

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