1980/09/14 – 1980/09/26 EXERCISE “SPEARPOINT” – Painting by Ken Howard – Under the Marienburg

(c) Ken Howard

Ebenso diese Übung wurde von dem britischen Militärmaler Ken Howard auf Leinwand

festgehalten! Soweit mir bekannt ist hat er ein Foto als Vorlage verwendet!

Also this exercise was arrested by the British military painter Ken Howard on canvas! As far as

I understand, he has used a photo as template!


und auch hier die Karte zum Originalplatz unter der Marienburg:

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    • kevin dixon on Januar 29, 2016 at 11:34 pm
    • Antworten

    The 1980 spearpoint painting by ken howard was roughly sketched from the back of a 4 ton truck by the man himself. I was one of the pilot’s in the painting and my driver / commander was Frank Carvill. The tanks, helicopter and planes were drawn in at a later date only the m2 rigs and a couple of landrovers were actually there. That day the residents of Schloss Marienburg had wurst & brotchen sent down to us for our lunch.

    1. Cool information Kevin! Thanks a lot, mate!

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