1965 – 1966 – 408 Bridge Tp – 40 Sqn RCT – Wouldham Camp – Memories of Graham Walker

© Graham Walker

Another great series of Graham Walker during his time in Hameln! Here you see Wouldham Camp at Ohrsche Landstraße! Thanks to you Graham!






This photo is not clear yet where it is!


Tha last photo here is Upnor Camp at Fischbecker Landstraße!


Über den Autor

Graham Walker

I did a year and abit with 63 para left and back to buller sent out to Hameln in late 65/66 with 408 troop re they got rid of me ,so they sent me upstairs to 40 sqn rct I was a good boy there and they put me into c troop where I did around five years making full screw then I went back to buller for demob ,and now im with blind veterans uk who were st dunstans I had to give up the love of my life driving for a living and now retired

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  1. Bill Perry AKA Paddy

    HI Arnd, thanks for the reply. I’m living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Had great times in Hameln in „The Swingin‘ Sixties“ – played guitar in a little band in both Hameln and Hanover. Would be good to keep in touch.

    Cheers, Bill

    1. Steve Jessett

      Hi Paddy

      I remember you well. I remember your band ( Harry Worthington on drums and the other paddy on guitar) I roomed with you for a while and I am sure. drove you mad with my playing of the Beatles white album.

      In fact you inspired me to take up playing guitar, which I did in my next posting (1969) (NI). In 1972 I left the army with a drummer called Mel Wiggins (also RCT) to form a band in civilian life, we had been playing in Derry and wanted to take it further, which we did. I carried on playing (lead singer and guitar) for another 15 years and then started my own business in financial services, which left no time for the music.


      Steve Jessett

      1. Arnd Wöbbeking

        Hi Steve, thanks for the entry on my website here! Glad you find Paddy!
        And maybe if you are on Facebook search for 26 RCT, maybe you will find out some more comrades!
        Cheers Arnd

  2. Bill Perry AKA Paddy

    Was in 40 Sqn B Troop 1966/1969 would love to get in touch happy memories

    1. Arnd Wöbbeking

      Hi Bill, thanks for the comment on my site here! Everytime glad to heart hat my site bring back some good memories to former soldiers here of hamelin!

      Cheers Arnd

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