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1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn

© Derek Mitchell, Glen Goodfellow

In 1984 the town of Hameln celebrated the 700th anniversary of the Pied Piper legend, while I was OC 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn, part of 28 Regt. The town invited Hameln sports clubs, local towns and villages and associated organisations and us to play a part in the celebrations by having floats in a parade. My CO decided that the Robin Hood legend was of a similar date and ordered me to design the 28 Regt float with that as its theme.  Having done some research, we reckoned that the Robin Hood story is a compilation of a number of different folklore tales but many may indeed be of about that date. Our float depicted the trees of Sherwood Forest with the Sheriff on his horse, a prisoner in tow, with Maid Marion, Friar Tuck and Robin’s merry men roasting a sucking pig on a BBQ on the deck of the Bedford 4 tonner. A likely suspect was being „hung“ from the tree overhanging the tailgate!  Though wearing a full harness under his costume and with a safety break link in case his neck was actually stretched, he found the ride so uncomfortable that he only did the hanging for short periods. The trees were a „pi“ shaped construction of Christchurch Cribs with playwood „cartoon“ trees on either side. The fire was real. I instructed the guys that they had to keep the spit turning by hand and that they were not to eat the pig before returning to barracks. The procession took far longer than planned but my instructions, with theatrical effect in mind, luckily resulted in a delicious slow-cooked suckling pig – eaten in the Sqn bar afterwards. You will see the front of the truck had a sign „ROBIN HOOD 1584“, in case of doubt to its relevance. We had collected the wrapped boiled sweets from Army Compo Rations for weeks beforehand and these were thrown to the children lining the several km route. These photos were taken from the balcony of a hiring overlooking the road approaching the Weser bridge.

1984 feierte die Stadt Hameln das 700. Jubiläum der Rattenfänger Sage! Örtliche Vereine, Institutionen, umliegende Dörfer und Gemeinden wurden eingeladen um an den Feierlichkeiten teilzunehmen und sich auch aktiv daran zu beteiligen! Natürlich auch die in Hameln stationierten britischen Einheiten. Derek Mitchell bekam von seinem damaligen kommandierenden Offizier den Auftrag einen Umzugswagen zu gestalten. Als Thema bekam er „Robin Hood“ denn diese Sage hat ein ähnliches Datum wie das der Sage aus Hameln. Derek seine Männer bauten einen 4t Bedford um mit einer Szene aus der Robin Hood Sage. Auf der Ladefläche wurde aus Pappe und Sperrholz der Sherwood Forest dargestellt und Bruder Tuck, Robin und Maid Marion und einige andere wurden durch Männer der 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn dargestellt. Ein Geächteter wurde sogar live aufgehängt. allerdings natürlich mit den nötigen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen, das dem armen Mann nichts passiert. Er trug unter seinem Kostüm ein Hosenträgergurt, der die Schlaufe um seinen Hals vollständig entlastete.

Während des Umzuges wurde auf dem Fahrzeug ein Spanferkel gegrillt. Welch Folter, denn Derek warnte seine Leute nicht von dem Schwein zu essen, bevor sie wieder in der Kaserne sind. Weil der Umzug länger dauerte als geplant, hatten die britischen Streitkräfte ein wohl gegrilltes Ferkel, welches sie dann in der Kaserne zur Feier des Tages verspeisten.






In 1984 as part of the Royal Engineers’ contribution to the Rattenfanger 700 celebration, the famous Robert Browning poem “The Pied Piper of Hameln” was read by Maj Noel Mulliner RE (OC 64 Amph Engr Sqn) and my wife Mrs Jill Mitchell – both in black. The British children were the rats and our families were the citizens of the town.  Regrettably I cannot remember the name of the British Pied Piper – perhaps someone can?
Auch die britischen Kinder beteiligten sich aktiv an der 700-Jahr Feier. Sie studierten das Rattenfängerspiel ein und das Gedicht von Robert Browning wurde durch Maj Noel Mulliner RE (OC 64 Amph Engr Sqn) und Jill Mitchell, Derek seiner Frau vorgetragen. Derek konnte sich aber leider nicht mehr daran erinnern, wer den Rattenfänger gespielt hat, vielleicht weiss es jemand von Euch?




1984/06/23 – 1984/06/30 – 700 Jahre Rattenfänger – 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp – Memories of Ian Draper

© Arnd Wöbbeking & Ian Draper

In 1984 the town of hamelin celebrated the 700th anniversary gf the Pied Piper legend. Of course the city were supported by the British Troops. So also from 28 Amphibious Engineer REME Wksp .The Wksp organized in the town square an action with plenty of water! A soldier sat down on a ramp and this was coupled with a target. If someone has therefore hit the target with a ball, then shut down the ramp and the Soldier fell in a basin, filled with water! Also the Band of the London Police took part. Ian took me a few pictures from his time here in Hameln with and gave them to me, so that I can scan it. Of course he got it back unscathed. Thanks a lot Ian!


Die Stadt Hameln wurde dabei natürlich auch von den in der Stadt stationierten Truppen unterstützt. So auch vom 28 Amphibious Engineer REME WkSp zu dem Ian Draper gehört. Der WkSp organisierte auf dem Rathausplatz eine Aktion mit viel Wasser! Eine Soldat setze sich auf eine Rampe und diese war gekoppelt mit einer Zielscheibe. Wenn jemand also die Zielscheibe mit einem Ball getroffen hat, dann klappte die Rampe nach unten und der Soldat viel in ein mit Wasser gefülltes Becken! Auch die Band der Londoner Polizei nahm an den Feierlichkeiten teil. Ian brachte mir ein paar Bilder aus seiner Zeit hier in Hameln mit und überließ sie mir, damit ich sie scannen kann. Natürlich hat er sie unbeschadet zurück bekommen.















1984/09/10 – 1984/09/28 – EXERCISE „LIONHEART“ – Real Recovery Operation – Memories of Derek Mitchell

© Derek Mitchell


Exercise Lionheart 1984 – Real Recovery Operation.
During Exercise Lionheart in 1984 an Army fuel tanker full of diesel was parked at Upnor when the RCT driver apparently did not put his handbrake on securely when he went for his food.  It was at night and he did not notice his unmanned vehicle slip backwards quietly into the dark, fast flowing river.  He thought his mates were playing a trick on him hiding his truck.  Slowly the truth became clear and next morning the vehicle was discovered, though completely submerged, standing upright on the bottom of the river about 1 km downstream half way to Fischbeck!  It could only be detected by the disturbed water above it.  Luckily there was no spillage of the diesel from the full tanker.
A major recovery operation swung into action, though this was for real, not just part of Exercise Lionheart.  28 Amph Engr Regt had to recover the vehicle and without spilling the diesel! The river was closed to river traffic, the Regt’s divers undertook a reconnaissance, this was dangerous work as the river was so swift, the divers had to be restrained on ropes from upstream and „lowered“ onto the vehicle.  They confirmed that it was relatively undamaged and standing on its wheels facing upstream. The German authorities had been informed and were most concerned about the huge impact of potential pollution on the many settlements downstream on the Weser which relied upon the river Weser for their clean water. A ramp was cut by the amphibious Combat Engineer Tractors (CETs) working half in the water and a firm stone base was brought in and spread by them on the ramp.  The Bundesstrasse 83 was closed so that winching gear on 28 Regt’s REME workshop’s wrecker could be positioned for a straight pull on the vehicle from the other side of the B83.  Divers attached the winch ropes to the vehicle’s strong points. Before winching commenced several oil skimming booms were placed across the Weser downstream, some several kilometres away.  One of these was supported on a M2 amphibious bridge built across the river by 28 Amph Engr Regt. The recovery was successfully completed the same day before dark and without spilling the diesel.

Thanks Derek for the text and the photos! By the way, Derek was the CO of 71 Amphibious Engineer Squadron!

Hier ungefähr war die Bergeaktion:


1984/09/10 – 1984/09/28 – EXERCISE „LIONHEART“ – Memories of Charlie Simcoe

1984 Lionheart

1986 / 02 / 18 – EXERCISE „HARD FIST“ at Ohr Park

© Ian "Smokey" Burns

Diese Bilder darf ich mit Erlaubnis von Ian (Smokey) Burns hier zeigen!

Vielen Dank dafür!


These photos are from Ian (Smokey) Burns!

Many thanks for these wonderful photos from Ohr Park!



and from his 2nd Tour he sent me this Photo from Upnor Camp Hameln:




1982 – 1985 – 71 Amph Engr Sp Sqn – Challenger 1 Test at Upnor – Memories of Dean Grice

(c) Dean Grice

Testing the M2B on Upnor with Challenger 1! These photos are from Dean Grice! He served with 42 FLD SQN between Feb 1978 and September 1979 and between June 1982 – Dezember 1985 he served with 71 AMPH ENGR SP SQN!
Thanks a lot for these historical photos Dean!







1974/03/26 – 1988/04/29 – JWW AUGAR ERD – Verbindungsoffizier – SLO

© Arnd Wöbbeking

Liste aller Verbindungsoffiziere / List of all SLO’s:

01.03.1949 - 01.04.1956OBERST BANKART - Residenzoffizier
01.04.1956 - 31.07.1959J VAUGHAN
01.08.1959 - 30.04.1962PJ MARTINSON
01.05.1962 - 30.06.1966C TAYLOR ISO
11.07.1966 - 25.10.1970LJ ROBERTS
26.10.1970 - 25.03.1974SR CROSS
26.03.1974 - 29.04.1988JWW AUGAR ERD
30.04.1988 - 25.03.1994MJ GUDGIN
26.03.1994 - 30.09.1998AH TYSON-CARTER
01.10.1998 - 01.03.2001AJ CLARK
12.03.2001 - 30.09.2002AP DOMEISEN MBE
01.10.2002 - 31.12.2014IR GRANT

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