2 Field Squadron


1949 – 1950


Did not have many informations about this squadron

 here in hameln,

but maybe someone know more about!

Feel free to contact me, please!

DatesLocationdeploymentunder command:Sub-units – Remarks
May 1947Germany: Mons Barracks, IserlohnFormed by retitling
244 Fd Coy
Jul 1948Germany: Mons Barracks, IserlohnRenamed
2 Field Squadron
Jan 1949Germany: Hameln 23 Field Engineer Regiment
Jul 1950 Germany: Napier Bks, Dortmund 23 Field Engineer Regiment
May 1958Germany: Oxford Barracks, Munster2 Div Engineersin support of
6 Inf Bde
Jul 1964Germany: Oxford Barracks, MunsterRenamed
2 Armoured Engineer Squadron
Sept 1964Germany: Oxford Barracks, Munster32 Armoured Engineer Regiment
Mar 1965Germany: Hohne32 Armoured Engineer Regiment
Apr 1969Germany: Hohne32 Engineer Regiment32 Armoured Engineer
32 Engineer Regiment
Nov 1970Germany: Corunna Barracks, IserlohnHQRE 4 Div
25 Sep 1976

31 Dec 1976
Northern Ireland Tour:
21 Engineer Regiment Infantry role
Apr 1977Germany: Corunna Barracks, IserlohnRenamed
2 Field Support Squadron
Apr 1977Germany: Corunna Barracks, Iserlohn26 Engineer Regiment
Jan 1978Germany: Corunna Barracks, Iserlohn3 Armd Div Engineer Regiment26 Engr Regt
3 Armd Div Engr Regt
28 Mar 1979

26 Jul 1979
Northern Ireland Tour:
HMP Maze
3 Armd Div Engineer RegimentInfantry role
1982Germany: Corunna Barracks, Iserlohn26 Engineer Regiment3 Armd Div Engr Regt renamed
26 Engr Regt
1984Germany: Corunna Barracks, Iserlohn3 Armoured Division
Sept 1994Germany: Hohne32 Engineer Regiment
30 Sept 1994Germany: HohneRenamed
2 HQ Squadron
Dec 1995

Jun 1996
Op Grapple / Bosnia
2 HQ & Support Squadron

Special thanks to

Alan Young from British Army Units

who collected all these dates!



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