1965 – 1966 – 408 Bridge Tp – 40 Sqn RCT – Berlin Visit – Memories of Graham Walker

© Graham Walker

Great photo series of Graham’s memories during his time in Hameln!

A visit in Berlin!

Thanks for sharing Graham!









Über den Autor

Graham Walker

I did a year and abit with 63 para left and back to buller sent out to Hameln in late 65/66 with 408 troop re they got rid of me ,so they sent me upstairs to 40 sqn rct I was a good boy there and they put me into c troop where I did around five years making full screw then I went back to buller for demob ,and now im with blind veterans uk who were st dunstans I had to give up the love of my life driving for a living and now retired

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