28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment REME – Wall Plaque


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Arnd Wöbbeking

Technischer Angesteller, Fotografie, EDV

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  1. Don Allen

    The shield shown on your website of 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment Workshop REME was designed at the request of the Commanding Officer, as a project, by me in 1977. I was, then, Artificer Staff Sergeant Don Allen REME. It shows the M2 Amphibious Rig above the Pied Piper, separated by the REME colours, blue, yellow and red. To the left is the spearhead of 1st Corpse Troops and the right the Trident of 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment RE.

    There had not been a unit shield for the workshop until then and later my design was used for a number of other army units including 6 Armoured Workshop REME in Munster.

    1. Arnd

      Hi Don,

      thanks for explanation. Like these shield very much!

      Best regards

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