1965 EXERCISE „ROUNDABAOUT“ – Memories of Tony Smith

Very rare photos of Exercise Roundabout in 1965!

Many thanks to Tony Smith!



Where is the truck?



Über den Autor

Tony Smith

I flew from England to Hanover on 18 May 1965 to get to Hameln. I was in 29 Field Sqn. until 7 September 1967 when I was posted to Singapore!

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  1. Derrick

    I was with 29 field Squadron from 68, great times, anyone else there ?

    Ginge Richards, Dave Lord, Rick Marcel, Danny Butterfield, Richard Lavaery, and anyone else I cant remember

    This was my first posting, I was 17

    1. Arnd Wöbbeking

      Thanks Derrick for the entry on my website! Glad to hear the report bring back some good memories to you!
      Cheers Arnd

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